A global communion for a global city.

Anglicanism is an expression of Christianity that sprouted in the English Reformation but is rooted in the ancient faith and practice of the historic church. These roots are nourished by three streams: the Scriptures, the Sacred, and the Spirit. We believe the Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are the primary source of authority in matters of faith and practice for individuals and for the Church at large. We believe the Sacred is expressed in the historic Creeds and embodied in sacramental worship as instituted by Jesus and practiced by the Church in all times and places. Ultimately, we believe God’s Spirit is alive and active, empowering the followers of Jesus to give ourselves away for the good of our neighbor.

Because we are led by God’s Spirit, Anglicanism has always been driven by a missionary focus. St. Augustine first brought the Good News of Jesus from Rome to the British Isles in the 6th Century and God used the British Empire to spread the Gospel to many other parts of the world. Today, Anglicanism consists of 38 provinces around the globe, in 164 countries, with tens of millions of members, most of whom live in the Global South.

While we value our historical and global connections, Christ the King is a worshiping community in a particular time and place. Therefore, we value a rich liturgical worship experience and embrace a mosaic of contemporary expressions of worship that we hope will connect with people’s hearts and minds, re-shape us into the people we were created to be, and lead us into a vibrant relationship with Jesus.

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